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From the beginning it has been kept in fundamental mind the order of the art of the expressions, in fact, so that the musician finds his own expression playing a J^X (hjuosh) designed and built to his measure and even so that the given work is worthy of calling himself work of art. 

J⋏X (hjuosh) Scarab
J⋏X (hjuosh) Scarab

Real Scarab hjuosh© on blue ambar sphere

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J⋏X (hjuosh) Scarab
J⋏X (hjuosh) Scarab

Real Scarab hjuosh© on blue ambar sphere

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finest materials


Finest Tone Woods with even a Certificate of Authenticity, always thinking on environment and selecting the right custom lumber cuts.


pickups and




For each different and distinctive timbre, implementing the individual design of the electronics for each different voice.





A piece that is guaranteed for life, with a record of artwork copyrighted to the individual to whom it was designed.

easy financing


Several payment methods and facilities for 6 to 10 months of construction, providing an opportunity to create together the dream piece.

the highest sound





Especially the distinctiveness between each instrument with the guarantee -growl hjuosh©-

unique ergonomic




What is essential to build


a piece of art to the extent


of a musician. Any


instrument is no equal to


another,  just like any




hjuosh is Luthier.

Gustavo Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordoba Gomez

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hjuosh© Productions.


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